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2 years back I used to be very proud of the fact that you could put me on any stage and I would deliver a powerful impromptu speech / presentation.

And now, for a 1 hour webinar, I make a script that goes on for at least…

The inspiration for this blog post came from a recent discussion I had with Dr Vivek Bindra (Founder and CEO, Bada Business)

In the age of networks and complex products, the most successful products are the one’s that offer single user utility.

What is SUU?

It is exactly what you…

*This post will kill all fears of the Corona Virus.*

The virus is part of our ecosystem. It's not an alien phenomena.

*#1. Why Corona hit the world now?*

It's written in ancient Indian scriptures that the world is moving to aantrik and maantrik states. This is when ancient Indian knowledge of the 5 elements of nature will solve the world's biggest problems.

_Every human must know…

My name is Paritosh Sharma. Current location: New Delhi, India. India is amongst the fastest growing economies in the world and the nation with the largest youth population.

I run a Youtube channel called Sava100Crore (English translation: 1.25 Billion).

I am a well meaning creator, just like every other creator…

The video explains how Amazon stock grew with sheer focus on:

  1. Increasing categories
  2. Being a supply chain / delivery-tech company first and e-com company second

The video is in Hindi to take this knowledge to the millions of small business owners in India that are ambitious and are aggressively looking to grow.

Subscribe to the Sava100Crore Youtube channel for more such videos that are setting a new narrative of entrepreneurship for the next billion connected Indians.

Q. When will India transform?

A. When India’s youth will invest their time learning from India’s gritty entrepreneurs rather than wasting their time on random social media and other things in life.

प्रश्न: भारत कब बदलेगा ? (Hindi)

उत्तर: जब समय बर्बाद न करके, भारत का युवा बढ़ते entrepreneurs की…


The most successful businesses on the planet are run by incredibly inspiring business leaders. These leaders understand the investment made in putting a system that spreads inspiration in a structured manner through customers, employees, partners, vendors and absolutely anybody that is part of the ecosystem that makes your business.


Why read this post?

If you are a technology company, a political party heading into elections, a company that is already public or going public and finally a company that is raising money — you cannot afford to miss this post even on the evening of 31st December 2018. …

Please repeat after me, content is not the king, my customer is. Content is not the king, my customer is. Content is not the king, my customer is.

Social media led to emergence of random content dumping and storytelling that never mattered

The purpose of sharing something that is insightful, and valuable is that it should create more growth opportunities for the person it…

The hyper-funded Internet companies have proven that marketing is cheap. New social products are being designed to finally create more inventory that can be sold to advertisers. But users are switching off.

The businesses that only ran after attracting attention and eye balls experienced short term bursts and nothing else

The new sanity metric : Increase profitability

Paritosh Sharma

Vice President — Paid Content — Bada Business

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