The inspiration for this blog post came from a recent discussion I had with Dr Vivek Bindra (Founder and CEO, Bada Business)

In the age of networks and complex products, the most successful products are the one’s that offer single user utility.

What is SUU?

It is exactly what you are reading it as. A utility for a single user. Design your products to achieve SUU. Be hugely valuable for a single customer on day zero. From day zero till day 100, build great value for the single user on your product.

Take feedback from the users. Ask them what’s most valuable for them. And then build potential platforms / networks around them.

Move from SUU to networks / platforms.

But why is SUU so important?

  1. While designing a product you are forced to cut down on the noise and only focus on the most essential features (like a TV remote has so many buttons that you would have never, NEVER used)

The journey from SUU to networks / platforms is the journey of building a product that customers love.

People enjoy SUU as something that they own. Examples:

  1. The iPhone is great even without the Airdrop.
  2. An acoustic guitar is a pleasure to listen to, even without a band
  3. A book gives the most value, when you read in silence
  4. Youtube premium gives you SUU (when it charges you money) to remove all ads
  5. Messaging on facebook keeps people connected
  6. A car takes you from point A to B ; whether or not it has the fanciest gadgetry

SUU will ensure that you cut the noise and only focus on the MEG’s. The most essential goals of your customer.